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my dad has loved Vincent van Gogh for as long as i can remember. when i was young, he would tell stories about him, about how much he suffered, and how he was never accepted by the people. looking back at it now, i think my dad found comfort in his story. a man with nothing, still being...

i never did anything worth writing about. i guess that's why it took me 23 years to start a journal. i really want to experience my emotions again. i feel like i'm only half experiencing my life cause i don't feel everything i should. i want to feel joy, as much as i can. don't get me wrong, i'm...

 Paintings: Right: La mappa dell'Inferno, Sandro Botticelli</h1> ; Left: Inferno, Canto X, Gustave DorĂ©</h1>

a cat's tales
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