quick update


so. i'm back after my dramatic outburst lol. i had absolutely no inspiration or motivation to write another post, so i'm sorry for my absence. 

nothing really happened while i was gone. mother's day is coming soon, and i want to give my mom something else than flowers this years, but it's hard to come up with gift ideas for someone who's gone. 

wait, something did happen! my sister and i got new and better backpacks, and we're slowly planning our next trip, which will hopefully go better this time. we'll probably leave somewhere mid May. 
so this is literally all i had to say. i'm feeling kind of dull lately. not really like myself. i haven't talked to myself in a while and it scares me lol. 

but yeah just wanted to let you know that im not dead. well, this was boring to write, i can't imagine how boring it must be to read lmao. i'm sorry, i'll write something better next time. 

thanks for reading! <3

a cat's tales
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