"i have nature and art and poetry, and if that isn't enough, what is?"

a 23 year old high school dropout who's only hope for the future is to be able to travel the world

I saw him today. after almost 5 years, he stepped into the store while I was at work. he was with his girlfriend. should I have said something to her? maybe I should've warned her I don't know.

(i didnt edit this, and you can tell lol. but i just wanted to write down the thoughts I've been having these past weeks like they came.)

monday 27/03/2023
on march 8th, we wanted to go to Rocher de Falize, a spot not far from malmedy where you had a great view. but as we were walking towards malmedy, the weather started to get a lot worse, so we decided to get some groceries instead. i only had a little backpack on my shoulders, but...

did i die? yes and no. i feel like i'm slowly losing touch with the person i thought i was. i don't recognize myself sometimes. i do things i normally wouldn't do without even thinking about it. it's kinda scary. i know i'm growing a lot, but it's all happening so fast. i feel like i'm on a rollercoaster going...

we met last summer. i started my current job in june of last year. i first met him during our mutual lunch break, just the two of us. he was too shy to say anything, so i started the conversation. he was the first colleague i felt a connection with so soon. he must've felt the same way,...

i quickly want to say a huge thank you to everyone who still visited my blog after so long <3 i thought this page was dead and forgotten, but you kept it alive :')

 Painting: Sterrennacht, Vincent van Gogh https://www/vangoghmuseum.nl/nl<h1>

a cat's tales
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