did i die? yes and no (pt 1)


i quickly want to say a huge thank you to everyone who still visited my blog after so long <3 i thought this page was dead and forgotten, but you kept it alive :')

 i've experienced so many fun and scary things, and i'll you about them soon, but for now, i want to share all the things i've learned so far:

♡having no money isn't the end of the world, it creates scenarios i never even thought about

♡failing is better than not trying at all

♡confidence isn't thinking your flawless, it's knowing you're strong enough to work on yourself to become the best version of yourself 

♡adventures aren't always fun. they can be scary too.

♡most people are kind

♡feeling like you're almost about to die is the best way to truly feel alive

♡if there isn't a struggle, there's no growth

♡you don't have to reach your goals in a straight line, taking side roads gives you more experience 


thank you for reading, truly <3  

 see you soon!

love, cat

a cat's tales
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